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  • Carlos Prado-Alonso

    Profesor Contratado Doctor
    Filología Inglesa, Francesa y Alemana
    Filología Inglesa

    Brief CV:

    Carlos Prado-Alonso received his PhD in English Language and Linguistic in 2008 (University of Santiago de Compostela). He also holds a Master's Degree in Applied Foreign Languages and Management (Santiago de Compostela, 2003).

    Carlos has worked as a lecturer and as a researcher at the Universities of Santiago de Compostela, Vigo, Valencia and Oviedo. He has also stayed, as a Visiting Fellow, at the University of Manchester (2006), at the Department of English Language and Linguistics of the Complutense University of Madrid (2009-2010) and at the Department of Linguistics and English Language of the University of Edinburgh (2011-2012). In 2012 his monograph Full-verb inversion in written and spoken English (Bern: Peter Lang, 2011) received the prestigious ESSE 2012 Book Award in the category of English Language and Linguistics.

    Carlos serves as one of the three Associate Editors of the International Journal of English Linguistics, an international, open-access journal published by the Canadian Center of Science and Education. He also has experience in the organization of research meetings, such as the First ELC International Postgraduate Conference on English Linguistics, which he chaired at the University of Santiago de Compostela in May 2008. At the 8th International Conference of the Spanish Association for Corpus Linguistics (AELINCO), which was held at the University of Málaga, Carlos was appointed convenor of the panel "Corpus-based studies of variation and linguistic change", for a three-year term. He is also a member of the research group Variation Linguistic Change and Grammaticalization based at the University of Santiago de Compostela.

    Selected publications:

    • (2016). "A constructional analysis of obligatory XVS structures". Studia Anglica Posnaniensia 51/1.
    • (2015). "The as be the case construction". English Studies 96/6: 690-709.
    • (2014). "Verb phrase inversion in fictional and nonfictional written English". English Studies 95/2: 177-194.
    • (2011). Full-verb inversion in written and spoken English. (Linguistic Insights Series 127). Bern: Peter Lang. ISBN 978-3-0343-05-35-8. 261 pp. Reviews in: Linguist List, issue 23.4174 (Nov 12 2012); The European English Messenger 21/2 (2012): 13.
    • (2011). "Text structuring in English: The role of inversion". English Studies 92/4: 449-463.
    • (2010). "A comprehensive account of full-verb inversion in English". Folia Linguistica 44/2: 509-553.
    • (2010), ed. New trends and methodologies in applied English language research. Diachronic, diatopic and contrastive studies. (Linguistic Insights Series 103). Bern: Peter Lang [first editor, with Lidia Gómez-García, Iria Pastor-Gómez & David Tizón-Couto]. ISBN 9783034300469. 350 pp. Reviewed by Angeles Ruiz-Moneva in Miscelánea: A Journal of English and American Studies 43 (2011): 113-119.
    • (2010). "Exploring new methodologies in English language research". In New trends and methodologies in applied English language research. Diachronic, diatopic and contrastive studies, ed. by Carlos Prado-Alonso et al. (Linguistic Insights Series 103). Bern, etc.: Peter Lang, pp. 11-22.
    • (2008). "The iconic function of full inversion in English". In Naturalness and iconicity in language, ed. by Klaas Willems & Ludovic De Cuypere. (Iconicity in Language and Literature Vol. 7). Amsterdam: Benjamins, pp. 149-166.

    Areas of Interest:

    • Linguistic and Textual Variation, English Syntax, Constructions, Corpus-based and/or Corpus-driven Linguistic Analyses.